Come on into the Saxon-Brandenburg a family paradise

A quiet home for the whole family,  in walking distance to the local Kindergarden and to your work place. Great access to career opportunities and nature for everyone to enjoy –that’s the daily standard in Saxon-Brandenburg, located in between Ortrand and Bad Liebenwerda, Doberlug-Kirchhain and Gröden.

On these pages you will find everything you need to know about life on the border of Branenburg and Saxon.

The Saxon-Brandenburg area is partially in the land of Reformation, where immediately the thesis of Martin Luther was accepted and pursued. Now you can get the Luther Passport, a guide that gives one the opportunity to follow Luther’s steps throughout the eight major cities that he had made history in. For example, in Bad Liebenwerda he met with fellows of the pope, you can look into the history of unwanted monasteries throughout reformation in Doberlug Kirchhain. For more information and the for the order of the passport, visit

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Testimonials of citizens

Hear all about the advantages of living on the edge of Dresden. Here, you get to know all the benefits of the countryside and it’s people.